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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bunny Challenge Results

A big Congratulations to Kotton Kountry Kreations for winning 1st place in our Bunny Challenge! Second and Third Place goes to Painting Thyme Needfuls and Mulberry Hill Primitives. Everyone who entered did a fantastic job! Kudos to all! How about another challenge during the summer...something patriotic?? Keep an eye out for more information.
Our Featured Artisan/Friday Freebie segment will get back on track tomorrow. My sincere apologies for the lapse in postings these past couple of weeks while my family and I were moving into our new home and getting settled in.


  1. Congratulations gals! It was sure fun viewing all the gals creations. I commend you all;)

  2. congradulations to the winners, everyone came out winners for doing a fantastic job!hope you're enjoying your new home KImberly, as you move in it's just a house but as you begin to decorate & fill it with your love it will be home!